Dead pony dumped: RSPCA appeals for information *warning graphic images*

  • The body of a pony has been found dumped in Slough.

    The RSPCA is now appealing for information, after the dark bay pony was discovered at the side of Huntercombe Lane on Monday (7 December).

    The pony was found by a passer by at around 9am, at the south end of the lane, near Lake End Road.

    She had rope tied around her front legs and it is thought she may have died several days ago.

    The RSPCA estimates the 12hh pony to have been around a year old.

    Dumped pony SE

    “Unfortunately we are seeing more and more heartbreaking incidents involving horses dumped like this and it is extremely distressing for anyone to see,” said RSPCA inspector Rebecca Timberlake.

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    “It is not uncommon to find rope or straps tied to the feet of dumped animals, as this is how people drag them on and off a vehicle once they have found somewhere to dump the body.

    “Often they are dead already and the owners just want to avoid paying for the disposal of the body but sadly we have also seen incidents where the ponies have died after being dumped in this way.

    “Frustratingly, this pony had no microchip so we are unable to trace her owners.

    Dumped pony SE 2

    The council has been contacted to removed the body.

    Inspector Timberlake added: “I would ask people to be vigilant of any suspicious behaviour down country lanes where they see flatbed trucks unloading, especially when it is getting dark. Report any suspicious behaviour to police and try to get a number plate for the vehicle if you are suspicious.

    Anyone with any information about the pony is urged to call the RSPCA on: 0300 123 8018.

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