Foal cuddles video becomes worldwide sensation [VIDEO]

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    A video of a seven-day-old foal nuzzling a young rider has gone viral online.

    The foal comes running over to rider Sunny Bayne pushing her to the floor and clambering on top of her.

    Sunny, from Kentucky, is heard giggling and saying “this is the best day of my life”.

    The foal nuzzles at her shoulder and lies on top of the rider, while the mare looks on.

    Then, when the foal decides its had enough cuddles it quickly gets to its feet and runs off.

    “I am in awe and complete shock that this video has gone viral! I love horses with every fiber of my being,” Sunny wrote on Facebook.

    “Horses have a way about them that touches my soul. Every now and again horse people come across a horse that places a mark on their heart. This one truly touched my heart and soul.

    “I could feel her love and curiosity. She walked all over me and I was okay with that because, I mean… look at her.

    “Then we rolled around and played like kids. She melted my heart that day and I believe it’s safe to say that she melted a few million other people’s hearts. She is one in a million! Heck lets get crazy and say a billion. Love her little pea pickin’ heart.”

    Owner Meg Miranda added: “Glenmore foal is the co-star of a viral video. This is a seven-day-old filly by Betty Fox’s outstanding sire Glenmore Sneakers out of the Coed Coch Grey Cloud mare Chardonnay Pearl.

    “Sneakers passes along his great personality to all of his offspring. I am sure this filly will go on to do great things in her life and any child that will have the opportunity to ride her will get to brag that she was an ‘internet star’.

    “We are also very lucky to have Sunny Bayne as one of our riders. (The ponies are supported by a racehorse training operation). She is a real asset with her love and compassion for all the horses.”

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