Councillors vote to make landau horses wear nappies

  • Landau horses at Blackpool will be stepping out in newly-designed horse nappies next season, after councillors voted for the move to cut piles of droppings on the Promenade.

    Blackpool Council gave the go ahead for the dung-catchers to be attached to all 44 of the resort’s horse-drawn carriages at a meeting last Thursday.

    But after complaints that the planned design was uncomfortable and dangerous for the horses a new design has been drawn-up.

    David Muir, the RSPCA’s equine consultant was asked to come up with an alternative to the original “nappies” which hung down too low and were noisy.

    The new design also has a foam edging to minimise rubbing on the horses’ legs.

    Special bins will be placed on the seafront for the drivers to empty dung into.

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