Cop charged over police horse slaughter

  • A retired US police officer from Philadelphia has been charged with selling two police horses for slaughter and pocketing the profits

    The Philadelphia Police Mounted Patrol Unit has charged a retired police officer with selling two horses to a slaughterhouse, following an investigation.

    Retired Philadelphia Police Lieutenant David Brown was commander of the Police Mounted Patrol Unit from 1995 to 1998. He has been charged with selling two horses to the New Holland Horse Auction and pocketing the proceeds.

    David Brown is also accused of forging documents to show a vet had declared the two horses called Nester and Swanee, were unsuitable for police work.

    The horses were then deleted from city records and subsequently sold to a slaughterhouse for $936.40, which the charges claim was kept by David Brown.

    Unlike British police horses, which are bought bythe section, American horses are donated by private owners. When they are no longer suitable for police work they are then returned to their owners who make suitable arrangements for their retirement.

    District Attorney Lynn Abraham,prosecutor for the case told the American news station NBC:

    “Lt. Brown was charged with theft and forgery in connection with selling the horse. He was also charged in connection with allegedly pocketing city money from the sale of jackets to mounted patrol officers and friends.”

    If David Brown is found guilty on all counts he faces up to 44 years in prison.

    Philadelphia police have confirmed that the patrol unit now has a new leadership and had been cleaned up.

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