Compensation for woman injured by hound in road accident

  • The secretary of the Island hunt in Co Wexford has been awarded €87,000 (£78,021) in damages from a motorist after a hound was hit by a car and ricocheted into her face.

    Rosemary Skrine, 81, had been following the hunt by car on 29 November 2005 and stepped into the road to warn traffic that a hound had broken away from the pack.

    Driver Abbas Ahmed hit the hound and it flew into the air, knocking Mrs Skrine unconscious and causing her head, hip and knee injuries.

    Mrs Skrine, who was a breeder and judge of show hunters, sued both Mr Ahmed and the Island hunt.

    But on Friday 13 November judge Mr Justice Nicholas Nearns, sitting at the High Court in Dublin, ruled the hunt had no case to answer.

    He ordered Mr Ahmed to pay damages to Mrs Skrine, whose health has been severely affected by the incident.

    The hound died following the crash.

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