Company acts after other horse bedding found in its packaging

  • An equine bedding company has reassured customers after it came to light its packaging is being used for unknown products.

    A spokesman for Nedz bedding said there has been reports of a “dried paper pulp” type bedding been found in Nedz packaging.

    “It has recently come to the attention of Nedz that there are some bales of bedding circulating within the UK, that are using our packaging but are not containing our product. These bags have not been authorised by ourselves, nor has any company been given permission to use our packaging to sell their bedding in,” said the spokesman.

    “We want to assure our customers and retailers that the issue is currently being dealt with and Trading Standards has been informed about this incident.

    “Nedz has been producing straw bedding in various forms for over 25 years and takes very seriously its production of Nedz Original and Nedz Pro for the equestrian market. The bedding is known for its high quality manufacturing process alongside a superior end product.”

    The spokesman said Nedz cannot comment on where the bedding has been found or how many bags are in circulation due to an ongoing investigation with Trading Standards but said it believes the issue has occurred after Nedz updated baling equipment two years ago.

    “The old baler was returned to the company along with an amount of plastic. Since then the company has modified the baler and sold it on, and supplied with it a quantity of Nedz plastic,” said the spokesman.

    If any owners have any concerns about bedding bought they should contact Nedz directly via the company’s Facebook page or email info@nedz.co.uk.

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