Commentator struck off medical register

  • A doctor who took sick leave so that he could commentate at equestrian events around the world has been struck off the medical register.

    A medical tribunal was told that Dr Ed Holloway would “become ill” at weekends so that he could attend equestrian events rather than treating urology patients at Scunthorpe General Hospital.

    The tribunal heard that he had to admit to being in America after a colleague recognised his voice on Horse & Country TV.

    He also reportedly once returned to the hospital after a spell of illness with a suntan.

    Holloway was suspended as a doctor in June last year while the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) considered his case.

    An investigation by the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust found he had been commentating on showjumping events when he had claimed to be off sick between September and November 2012.

    In July 2013 Holloway admitted one count of fraud at Scunthorpe Magistrates Court on 1 July 2013, when he was fined £700 and ordered to repay the overpayment of his salary of £708.35.

    The MPTS has now branded him “dishonest” and he has been stuck off from the medical register.

    A written judgment by MPTS the said: “Your record of ensuring that you left the hospital to commentate, regardless of whether you were scheduled to work, in combination with your blatant disregard of the difficulties which you were causing your Trust, your colleagues and your patients illustrated a deep seated desire to place your own interests above those of your patients and demonstrated a cavalier attitude to patient safety.

    “The panel determined that your behaviour, repeated dishonesty, lack of insight and lack of remediation are fundamentally incompatible with your continuing to practise medicine.”

    The statement added: “The panel is not satisfied that a further period of suspension would resolve these concerns, protect the public interest and maintain and uphold proper standards of conduct and behaviour.

    “It has determined, therefore, that it would not be sufficient nor proportionate to suspend your registration given the particular circumstances of this case.

    “Accordingly, the panel has determined to direct that your name be erased from the medical register.”

    Holloway has the right to appeal the panel’s decision within the next month.

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