‘Claims will be paid,’ Equestrian Direct customers are told

  • The boss of the company that has taken over the client base of insurers Equestrian Direct is reassuring customers with outstanding claims that they will be paid.

    In recent weeks, H&H has been contacted by a number of readers fearing their long-outstanding claims, some amounting to thousands of pounds, would not be paid because Equestrian Direct was changing its underwriters. Many more left worried messages on our website forum.

    But a new company, Equine Insurance Solutions, has been formed following the takeover of Equestrian Direct’s 5,000-plus client base by Direct Insurance Solutions Ltd.

    Last week managing director Paul Galloway confirmed to H&H that all customers would be paid, following a change in underwriters.

    He said Equine Insurance Solutions had written to customers to explain.

    “We’ve not had any calls [since the letters went out] so I assume everything is going well — it’s just a question of time,” he said.

    Previous underwriters Templeton said claims files had been sent to new loss adjustors and that staff were hopeful these would be paid out in the next few weeks.

    Nikki Carpenter from Warwick is one of many readers who contacted us. She is still owed £5,500 from when her foal was injured last November — the claim was agreed, but despite her constantly chasing payment, remains unsettled.

    Mrs Carpenter has six horses insured for £30,000 — with monthly payments of “several hundred pounds” going out of her account.

    “I have been insured with Equestrian Direct for more than 10 years,” she said, “but I need reassurance before I keep my horses insured with this new company; I need to know more about its history.

    “If the vets had not been so understanding about money I owe, I could have been in court.”

    Concerned customers should contact Equine Insurance Solutions on 01494 833200

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (23 April, ’09)

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