Civil Service Riding Club closes

  • The Civil Service Riding Club (CSRC) has closed following the loss of its base at the Royal Mews in London.

    The club which has nearly 400 members and supporters now plans to form a Saddle Club where it will organise rides at other equestrian establishments.

    The CSRC has kept its horses at the Royal Mews for nearly 20 yearsand enjoyed their facilities including the indoor school. Members could enjoy escorted, early morning hacks round Hyde Park, evening lessons and weekend trips away to compete and hack.

    Most of its members are civil servants but it did offer membership to other people too.

    The Crown Estate gave the club’s committee notice when wear and tear meant that the stables needed a complete makeover. Although efforts were made, alternative accommodation for the horses could not be found in central London.

    A former member said: “It_s now virtually impossible to ride in central London, and Hyde Park has become less horse-friendly, too. Most members rode in the evenings, so to finish work and travel outside to ride would be too much.”

    The Club is not presently accepting applications for membership, and there are presently no membership details available but more details on the Saddle Club will appear on their website www.csrc.org.uk as they become available.

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