Spotted on the beat: Police’s first Appaloosa takes to the streets of London

  • An unusual trainee police horse has proved popular with staff and members of the public.

    Indiana is believed to be Britain’s first Appaloosa police horse and has excelled in his training so far.

    The 16.2hh gelding is based with the City of London Police at Bushy Park in Hampton.

    “He is the first Appaloosa horse we’ve known,” City of London police stable manager Ella-Louise Mayhead told H&H.

    “He becomes a great talking point because he’s covered in spots.”

    The 11-year-old gelding was formerly a mother and daughter share and has taken to his new career with ease.

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    “He’s been an A-class student so far and has fast-tracked his training,” said Ms Mayhead. “It usually takes six months to a year to train the horses, but he’s only been with us for two and a half months and has already been into the city.

    “He was very good, although it was quite quiet as it was over Christmas. It’s a lot to take in with the really high buildings, reflections and escalators.”

    Indiana’s training will continue and within two to five months he should be working his city beat.

    “We build them up gradually,” added Ms Mayhead. “We will go into the city with them three weekends on the trot and then for a long weekend.

    “He’s been the best horse we’ve trained for a few years.”

    The police horses work for a week or two at a time before being turned out for a week.Indiana2

    Members of the public can follow the police horses in their work on Twitter using the handle @cityhorses. Each horse has its own hashtag and Indiana can be found by searching #CHindiana

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