Chinese donkey wears a bra instead of blinkers

  • A Chinese farmer who nicked one of his wife’s bras to put on his donkey said it was for a good cause.

    Farmer Wing Lung was perturbed at the distress blinkers were causing to his donkey, as the animal suffered chaffing caused by the eye shields.

    So he hunted around for an alternative and settled on the most obvious item available — one of his wife’s bras.

    Sneaking the bra off the washing line at their home in eastern China, farmer Lung, then swapped the blinkers for the bra and made his donkey a happy beast, reports the Daily Star.

    He said: “It was the perfect fit although the hard part was persuading my wife to part with the bra.” Unfortunately, H&H was unable to ascertain what cup size is best for donkey blinkers.

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