Chestnut Horse Feeds launches mix for competition horses

  • Warwickshire-based feed company Chestnut Horse Feeds has launched a new mix for competition horses.

    Its Sports Horse Mix – suitable for horses competing in all disciplines – is a high fibre feed that aims to offer a balance between quick and slow releasing energy.

    “Getting the right balance of condition and stamina can be a challenge, especially in the warmer weather when lethargy often sets in, and energy can be used up when sweating and travelling,” said a spokesman for Chestnut Horse Feeds.

    “The result [of the Sports Horse Mix] is a happier, more relaxed equine, capable of performing at their best.”

    The mix includes alfalfa to help stimulate chewing, which slows down digestive transit and helps to mimick the horse’s need to trickle feed.

    And the high oil content provides a source of slow releasing energy whilst maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat.

    Prices start at £15.

    For more information visit www.chestnuthorsefeeds.co.uk

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