Charlotte Dujardin and AP McCoy reveal all with Clare Balding [VIDEOS]

  • Las Vegas World Cup winner Charlotte Dujardin will be appearing alongside champion jockey AP McCoy on The Clare Balding Show this week.

    Joining them will be Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton, who is currently training to become a jockey, with the aim of riding in the Cheltenham Foxhunter next year.

    The show airs tonight (Thursday 23 April) on BT Sport 2 at 9.30pm and tomorrow (Friday 24 April) on BBC 2 at 10pm.

    clare balding show

    Dressage editor Alice Collins was at the filming on Tuesday night.

    “Three sporting greats on the sofa all at once — and now being aired on prime-time TV is a real boom for horse sport,” said Alice.

    “Charlotte came across incredibly well and revealed a lot, including that she’s considering training ‘cob’ Valegro to pull a cart in time for her wedding to fiancee Dean (sadly I think she was joking), that Valegro is likely to retire after Rio and that she paid ‘Elvis’ to get her photo taken with him in Vegas recently.

    “Similarly, AP McCoy was uncharacteristically frank and even admitted to having had ‘a moment’ in the car on the way back from the races when the reality of his impending retirement really hit home.

    “The jockey revealed his love for Gold Cup winner Synchronised and said he was crying for days after the horse’s death in the Grand National.

    “He still has no idea what he’ll do in retirement, but has ruled out being a trainer, and — prompted by Clare [Balding] — a few other more unusual career moves.

    “As ever, Clare does an incredible job of coaxing insight from her interviewees — and she also revealed that the offer on Valegro after London 2012 was in the region of £8.5million.

    “It’s well-worth tuning in.”

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