Charity boss receives top award

  • Britain’s equine vets honour South Wales equine charity boss for “significant contributions” to equine welfare

    The British Equine Veterinary Association has given its 2001 welfare award to Jenny MacGregor, head of a South Wales equine charity.

    It was presented at the association’s annual conference in Harrogate yesterday (13 September). This is only the second year of the award and for the second time it has been presentedto a non-vet.

    The award, which is sponsored by the Blue Cross, is awarded to a person who has made a ” significant contribution ” to equine welfare.

    Jenny MacGregor runs the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP) in Monmouth.

    Nigel Davenport, director of equine welfare for the Blue Cross, said: “Jenny received this award for her sterling work in retraining, rehoming and rehabilitating horses which have been rescued.

    He said the emphasis of her welfare centre was very much on getting horses back to living useful lives.

    “Jenny believes in trying to get horses into a working home – not simply in turning horses out into fields for the rest of their lives.

    “Horses have been selectively bred to do something with their lives – not to be turned away in a field where they can get bored. They are happier if they have a fun job to do. And that’s what Jenny works towards.”

    For more information on the Blue Cross visit www.thebluecross.org.uk

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