Changing times for BHS

  • The chief executive of the British Horse Society (BHS), Kay Driver, has resigned and will leave the organisation in March. After three years at the equestrian charity, Kay is to head the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    This year also marks the final year of the Princess Royal’s presidency and the retirement of chairman Pat Campbell. The BHS has not announced who will succeed the Princess Royal or Kay Driver.

    However, David Prince, publishing manager for the BHS, says: “Two or three names have been put forward for the presidency, but the board has made no decision yet.”

    Kay Driver came to the BHS from the Professional Association of Teachers and during her time at Stoneleigh she has seen the society replenish its finances and increase membership.

    She says: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the BHS and was fortunate to work with a forward-looking chairman and trustees.”

    The BHS board will also see further changes with three other members, as well as Pat Campbell, standing down at the AGM this June. Two of these are retiring, so BHS members will be asked to nominate new board members.

    “The notice of the June AGM will be published in the March issue of our members’ magazine, British Horse,” explains David Prince. “This will include a form for nominations, which are open to all BHS members.”

    For more information about the BHS visit: www.bhs.org.uk

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