Chance to hunt Burghley-winner Lenamore up for grabs

  • The chance to enjoy a half-day’s hunting with the Warwickshire on Burghley winner Lenamore is on offer this weekend.

    Owner Lexi Jackson is offering the opportunity as one of the lots in the hunt’s auction of promises, which takes place on Saturday, 15 October.

    The 23-year-old gelding has been autumn hunting this season and has “been on great form”, Lexi said.

    “He loves it, he’s taken to it beautifully,” she told H&H.

    “He could be a bit of a nutcase eventing! But he behaves rather beautifully hunting. He’s not being made to trot in circles.”

    Lenamore, who was retired in 2013 sound due to age-related wear and tear revealed at a routine check-up, was evented by Lexi to three-star level.

    She gave the ride to Caroline Powell in 2004 and the pair represented New Zealand at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and at London 2012, where they won team bronze.

    They also competed at the 2006 World Equestrian Games, completed Badminton seven years in a row and won Burghley in 2010.

    “We take it easy with him now,” said Lexi. “He doesn’t hunt every week, just as and when, if the weather’s not too horrible, he goes out.

    “He’s pretty chilled these days.”

    Lexi is on the auction of promises committee, so she “had to come up with some decent lots”.

    Some 150 lots will be on offer and instead of auctioning them all on the night, all but 20-30 will be available for bids online.

    The ride on 15.3hh Lenamore will be one of the “live lots” sold on the night, although anyone unable to be there can submit a maximum bid in advance. Certain caveats will apply, such as rider experience and weight.

    “Someone might try to be funny and submit a bid for a 16-stone man, but no chance!” said Lexi.

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    “We can’t have anyone who can’t ride either, it will be very carefully managed.”

    The hunting will be on a date to be set and will be with the Warwickshire.

    For more information on the auction, which is in aid of Warwickshire Air Ambulance as well as the hunt, and for bidding details, click here.

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