Canine TV star helps greyhounds get rehomed

  • Monica, the dog star of TV soap Coronation Street, appears to be improving the image of greyhounds as pets.

    The owner of Monica, Elaine Newsham says: “More greyhounds have been rehomed since her appearance in Coronation Street than ever before.

    “People used to think they were just racing dogs. Now, because of the soap, they see greyhounds as very loving, affectionate and well behaved.”

    Monica, whose real name is Queenie, is one of 10show dogs kept “as part of the family” by Elaine at her home in Rochdale, Lancashire.

    Charity group, Greyhound Rescue West of England, confirmed that more people they are seeing at events and shows are more aware of greyhounds and the kind of animals they are.

    Spokeswoman for the group, Louise Round, says:” Last year we rehomed around 500 dogs, this year we have already put 400 dogs into new homes.

    “The image of the dogs as needing a huge amount of exercise seems to be going. People now believe they do make good pets.”

    She says few of the dogs need rehabilitation but where they do they are put into a foster home for a while to get expert care.

    If you want more information about rehoming a greyhound ring 07000 785092 or visit www.grwe.co.uk

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