Can you rehome a horse to make room at the ILPH?

  • The ILPH is appealing for people to come forward to re-home its existing horses and ponies to help ease the strain caused by the arrival of 11 horses rescued from Amersham.

    The ILPH has been assisting the RSPCA with the operation to remove more than 100 horses, ponies and donkeys from a squalid dealer’s yard since Friday 4 January and last night took in eleven of the horses, which will remain in ILPH care until a possible prosecution case at a later date.

    But this means around 30 riding and companion horses already rehabilitated by their four centres need new homes.

    “We have received countless calls and emails from people offering their support in housing some of the horses removed from this appalling situation, and we are extremely grateful for all these offers,” says ILPH Deputy Chief Executive Tony Tyler.

    “The horses have been split between a number of welfare agencies, including the ILPH, so the immediate housing problems have been dealt with.

    “However, large cases like this do put a strain on our yards as they are dealing with an increased number of horses, many of whom need intense and specialist care.

    “We currently have horses and ponies ready to be rehomed through our loan scheme from our centres in Norfolk, Lancashire, Somerset and Aberdeenshire, and finding homes for these animals will help us deal with these recent admissions.

    If you are able to take a horse or pony on loan, please visit the ILPH loan scheme pages at www.ilph.org/hls

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