Can you help find stolen horses?

  • A coloured cob stolen this month in Sussex prompts calls for more volunteers to join the local Horsewatch scheme

    A rise in horse-related crime in Sussex, including the first horse theft in the county in recent years, has prompted a call for more volunteers to help with the area’s Horsewatch group.

    Set up around six years ago when tack thefts were increasingly common in Sussex, the voluntary organisation successfully brought about a reduction in the levels of crime before the group fell into decline.

    Unfortunately however, it seems that crime levels are on the increase once again.Earlier this month, a 15hh pieblad cob gelding was stolenfrom a field in Rake, West Sussex.

    Bruce, who went missing on 3 or 4 October, is seven-years-old and has two wall eyes. His body is mainly white with a large black area covering his nearside flank, hindquarters and around the tail, which is also black. He has four white legs with plenty of feather and has a black marking on his chest between his front legs.

    WPC Suzanne Fowler, who has helped to revive the Horsewatch scheme, hopes an increase in the number of members will help bring the ailing group back to life and reduce the likelihood of other horses being stolen.

    “I plan to extend the scheme to include more police officers,” says Suzanne, a former horseowner, “but I am also looking for local horse owners to help keep the group going and help with fundraising.”

    Suzanne plans to use email to pass horsewatch information as well as the Stolen Horse Register website (www.stolenhorseregister.com).

    “The old telephone tree system used to break down if a single person failed to pass on the message. With email messages can be passed quickly without worrying about people not receiving the information.”

    If you would like to help as a volunteer, or have information on Bruce, please email suzanne at suzanne.fowler@sussex.police.uk or suzanne.fowler@btinternet.com

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