British team in silver at the end of WEG eventing dressage

  • Britain’s eventing team lie in silver medal position after the dressage phase at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, behind Germany.

    Britain’s final team rider Mary King had a tricky ride on an excited Imperial Cavalier and scored 46.2 for 26th equal after the first phase, enough for Britain to overhaul Sweden in the team standings having been behind that nation at lunchtime.

    “I know he could do better, but it could have been an awful lot worse,” said Mary. “He’s been so excited since arriving in America, he thinks he owns the country. He’s been over the top all week. I’ve been trying to settle him down, but I needed another few days.”

    Mary’s first two flying changes were both late as Imperial Cavalier’s concentration was taken by the judges’ huts at B and E, which horses are facing in these changes.

    Tina Cook is Britain’s best-placed rider individually, lying eighth with her European champion Miners Frolic after scoring 40.3 this morning.

    Germany holds both the team and individual gold positions. Their last rider, European bronze medallist Michael Jung, took the lead this afternoon with a smooth, consistent test with his double World Cup winner La Biosthetique-Sam FBW.

    “He was super and really concentrated on me,” said Michael. “Over the past two years his performances have been brilliant, but this was his best ever performance.”

    Italy’s Stefano Brecciaroli — the leader at lunchtime today — is in the silver medal position, with yesterday’s top rider, German individual Simone Deitermann, holding the individual bronze.

    The team standings are very close. Although Germany holds a 14.2pen lead over Britain, in real terms this only translates into one stop or 36sec of time-penalties on tomorrow’s cross-country.

    The next five teams are all within 10pen of Britain, so the nations have everything to play for — and riders are in agreement that Mike Etherington-Smith’s track will cause plenty of problems. However, the competitors also described the course as very fair and praised the fact that the questions are clearly visible to the horses.

    Britain’s Nicola Wilson is the pathfinder at 10.04am (3.04pm British) with the other British riders at the following times: William Fox-Pitt 11.28am (4.28pm), Pippa Funnell 12.48pm (5.48pm), Piggy French 1pm (6pm), Tina Cook 1.16pm (6.16pm), Mary King 2.40pm (7.40pm).

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    Eventing results

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    1.Germany 114.3
    2.Great Britain 128.5
    3.Sweden 131.2
    4.Australia 131.8
    5.Italy 135.9
    6.New Zealand 138.3


    1.Michael Jung (La Biosthetique-Sam FBW), GER 33
    2.Stefano Brecciaroli (Apollo Van De Wendi Kurt Hoeve), ITA 35.5
    3.Simone Deitermann (Free Easy NRW), GER 36
    4.Karin Donckers (Gazelle De La Brasserie CH) 38.8
    5.Rebecca Holder (Courageous Comet), USA 39.3
    6.Niklas Lindbäck (Mister Pooh), SWE 39.5


    8.Tina Cook (Miners Frolic, team) 40.3
    12.William Fox-Pitt (Cool Mountain, team) 42
    21.Pippa Funnell (Redesigned, individual) 45.5
    24.Piggy French (Jakata, individual) 45.8
    26eq.Mary King (Imperial Cavalier, team) 46.2
    42.Nicola Wilson (Opposition Buzz, team) 51.2

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