British Showjumping chief executive Di Cornish steps down

  • British Showjumping (BS) chief executive Diana Cornish is to step down after only 18 months in the role.

    Diana, a leading owner and producer of top showjumpers, joined BS in September 2008, succeeding Jacky Wood, who retired in 2008 after dedicating 40 years of her life to British showjumping. Diana was previously chief executive of recruitment companies Brook Street Bureau and Blue Arrow.

    “Much of my time here has been extremely interesting and enjoyable, but the role as chief executive of a membership organisation governed by committee is very different to the three chief executive positions I held in public companies prior to my current appointment,” she said.

    “It is for this reason that I feel it right for someone else to take on the role and continue to move the sport forward. Showjumping has always been my passion and I will continue to participate in the sport with my daughter, as international owners, breeders and producers of young horses.”

    BS chairman Michael Mac: “Working with Diana has been a pleasure and she will be sorely missed. I do not just speak for myself when I say that the results she has achieved in a relatively small timeframe have been instrumental in making us much more commercially viable and appealing as a sport.

    “We will continue liaising with Diana and would like to thank her for her knowledge and expertise during her time with us.”

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