British Showjumping executive board to stand down

  • In what could be the most radical shake-up in showjumping for years, the executive board of British Showjumping (BS) has agreed to stand down en masse so a new, streamlined board can be elected.

    The move follows the resignation of chief executive Di Cornish (news, 25 March), who hinted that the “governance by committee” ethos prompted her decision.

    The BS board was 22 members strong, despite recommendations in 2003 that it should be “a maximum of five to 10”.

    “After Di’s resignation, the executive board asked if she, along with other members of the remuneration committee, would look at the structure of the board,” said BS board chairman Michael Mac.

    “Their ideas will be put to the members at an EGM. There should be a better approach to the everyday running of BS.”

    While a smaller “skills-based” board of around eight people is elected, a new sporting council will be formed in parallel.

    “This will comprise up to 40 people who will not be directors, but whose areas of expertise can help inform working parties,” said BS president Lis Astall.

    Former executive board members will automatically join the sporting council and may apply to serve on the new board.

    Mrs Astall said she did not imagine sporting council members would be paid.

    BS members will be urged to ratify the decision at a future meeting.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (27 May, ’10)

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