British rider dies in road accident in Africa

  • A British rider has died in road accident in Africa.

    Christine Henchie, who was a member of the Long Riders Guild, was hit by an out of control bus in Tanzania on Monday (28 January). She is reported to have died instantly.

    Her travelling companion and fiancé, Billy Brechley was also injured in the incident, suffering a broken leg. Both their horses — Nali and Chami — were injured but survived.

    Christine, 29, was struck by the bus, which reportedly veered to overtake a slow truck.

    A crowd of locals were also hit by the vehicle, resulting in two deaths. The accident happened in the village of Isela.

    The Long Riders’ Guild is an “international association of equestrian explorers” that was formed in 1994. Riders must have completed 1,000 continuous miles on a single equestrian journey.

    The couple set off nearly seven years ago, aiming to complete the first ride from the most northern point of Africa, Cap Blanc in Tunisia to the most southern point of Africa, Cape Agulhas in South Africa.

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