British Eventing to make accredited coaching more accessible to riders

  • BRITISH Eventing (BE) is appointing eight volunteer regional training organisers (RTOs) to make BE accredited coaching more accessible to all riders.

    Incorporating a new section of the BE website, due to go live in January 2012, their role will be to organize relevant training sessions for both members and non members.

    This initiative is the brainchild of BE dual education and training coordinators Eric and Elizabeth Winter who saw the need to develop the current list of trainers into something more structured.

    Mr Winter said: “The RTOs will be proactive — for example at the beginning of the season they may organize a training session for people looking to do BE80/BE90, covering everything from studding up to course walking, or if they see a lot of riders having difficulties in one phase they may focus training sessions on that.

    “However they will also be the first point of call for riders and will react to their comments and suggestions.

    “We are trying to make it easier and more accessible for people to find the many quality trainers that we have in this country,” added Mr Winter.

    The improved training section of the website will allow people to pay online and search for training by location and discipline.

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