Britain’s first horsewash launched

  • A Cornish car wash manufacturer THI(UK) Ltd has launched Britain’s firsthorsewash designed to take the hassle out of bathing horses.

    But the Equi – Wash isn’t the drive through sort – the new design works in a similar way to the wash sprays found on garage forecourts.

    The idea of a horsewash followed the success of the company’s dogwash originally launched in Spain. THI(UK) Ltd then tailored the dogwash for UK clients and a garage forecourt in Wrotham, Kent took delivery of the revamped version earlier this year.

    A spokesman for the Redruth-based company explained: “Owners can bring their horse to the machine. It has an adjustable spray with shampoo, cold and warm water. If you want to put a conditioner in it, you can do that as well.”

    A stable manager who has trialled the horse wash said: “Horses seem to cope well because it’s a quiet machine and owners like it because you don’t have to carry around buckets of water.”

    The Equi-Wash delivers water using a low-pressure system. There are a number of programmes that canbe delivered at the touch of a button including: warm spray, warm shampoo, warm rinse and cold spray.

    Quiet to use, the machine emits a gentle hum when being operated and the manufacturers believe it will be a hit with competition, racing and livery yards.

    The price of an Equi-Wash starts at around £4,500, depending on the options available.

    “Within a year we want to have made an impact on the horse world in UK and hope to sell around 100 units,” says managing director PeterHeaton. “The units can be installed as a way of making money or as a free vend — it is entirely up to the buyer. Eventually we hope to market the product across the world in countries where horses are popular.”

    For more information onthe Equi-Wash contact THI(UK) (tel: 01209 313131).

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