Britain to breed top sport horses

  • A working group has unveiled an operational plan to help the BEF produce top quality sports horse in Britain

    A British Horse Foundation (BHF) working group has produced a plan to help the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) fulfil one of its key objectives – the production of British-bred horses capable of carrying our riders to international success.

    The breeding programme operational plan has been drawn up following 18 months of consultation and includes initiatives to help breeders, breed societies and others to work together to improve British sport horse breeding.

    Action points in the plan include the South Essex Insurance Brokers/BEF Young Horse Evaluation series, which began at The College EC, Keysoe, Beds on 23 February.

    The new plan also suggests that an appropriate database and improved recording of competition success should be set up.

    Other initiatives to encourage breeders include awards for breeders of best British-bred horses in national classes, a championship show for the top four-year-olds from the young horse evaluation series, a BEF Breeders Cup Futurity, a Foal for the Future Award and incentives for better record-keeping.

    Graham Suggett will be overseeing the operational plan as consultant director of breeding. He was previously principal of Warwickshire College, where he founded its competition horse stud.

    Details of the operational plan will be published on www.bef.co.uk.

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