Bring your dog to work

  • The Blue Cross calls on dog owners to take their pets to work for its annual “Take Your Dog to Work” day

    Don’t leave your dog “home alone”, take it with you to work. That’s the message behind a campaign, organised by the charity, the Blue Cross, which is holding its national “Take Your Dog to Work” day on 25 September.

    A spokeswoman for the charity, Yvonne Lilley, said: “The idea is to promote responsible dog ownership and raise awareness among dog owners about leaving their dog at home. Already, we’ve had hundreds of people wanting to register.

    “Obviously, owners will need to use their common sense and ask employers and colleagues if theycan take their dog to work, however previous years have proved very successful.

    “We’re trying to get through to people that dogs are pack animals and need the company of other animals or people – they really shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours at a stretch.

    Registration for the event, which is sponsored by Pedigree , is free but the Blue Cross are hoping to raise funds through the event. Each dog will receive a goody bag and for dogs who go to the owner’s work regularly, there will the chance to enter the Top Dog at Work 2001 competition.

    For more information (tel: 01993 825502) or visit www.bluecross.org.uk

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