Bright future for injured filly found tangled in twine

  • A bay yearling found tangled in baling twine on the side of the road has a bright future ahead of her.

    The youngster, who has been named Izzy, was discovered by a member of the public in May 2015.

    World Horse Welfare was made aware of Izzy’s suffering and officers found her in a dreadful state.

    Izzy had been tethered using the twine and had become wrapped up in the string, which was cutting into her legs and chest.


    “Too young to be tethered, Izzy had panicked and the baling twine round her neck had ended up tangled round her legs and chest where the harsh material had resulted in several painful wounds that needed urgent treatment by the team at Penny Farm,” said a World Horse Welfare spokesman.

    “Izzy’s leg was so badly damaged from the twine that it needed to be stapled then cleaned and bandaged every day, plus she was also suffering from a skin condition and lice infestation.”

    World Horse Welfare field officer, Sarah Tucker, added: “Twine should never be used to tether a horse. Izzy’s case is a prime example of the serious consequences from inappropriate tethering, particularly when the horse is so young.

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    “Baling twine is clearly not a suitable material for tying a horse and in Izzy’s case has caused a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering that could have easily been avoided.”

    Centre Manager Fran Williamson was delighted with Izzy’s progress following her rescue.

    “Izzy is making a great recovery and is behaving like a perfect patient,” she said last year.

    “We’re confident that once she has undergone rehabilitation in our centre she has a really bright future ahead and will hopefully be a fantastic candidate for our rehoming scheme.”

    Izzy was rehomed for youngster handling in August 2015 and spent a “very happy” year in Yorkshire building her trust and confidence in humans.

    She recently came back to World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm to continue her education through the winter months.


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