Are you brave enough? Watch thrilling rider’s eye view of season’s first team chase

  • Last year’s team chasing league champions Art Hotel Racers prevailed in a thrilling season opener over the bank holiday weekend.

    The team was in hot competition with Ride World Wide league rivals the Eternal Optimists at Watergall, near Southam, Warwichshire, on 28 August, where the current national champions Team Ride Away were also in action.

    A spokesman for the event said: “Team chasing leapt back into action with many of the leading teams giving their top horses a run over the Warwickshire’s intermediate course or debuting potential new stars in the novice class.

    This was no steady warm-up however – competition is fierce between the Eternal Optimists and Art Hotel Racers squads, vying for top of the table.”

    The spokesman explained that riders take on hedges and rails “at improbable angles”, aiming to take the shortest line and complete the course in the fastest time.

    “Both teams lost their fourth rider in the early stages of the course due to steering or navigational issues, putting pressure on the third member of the team as the rules state that three of the four members must get round to post a score,” she said.

    “On this occasion Art Hotel Racers prevailed with Sarah Myhill, Heather Moodie and Anna Stone crossing the line side by side.”

    Sarah, who led for most of the way on former racehorse Lady Malousa, said: “It’s a great combination. Heather and Anna are so competitive, they are always right on my tail should I miss a turn or lose a bit of pace.”

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    The Eternal Optimists – husband and wife Larry Brown and Lizelle Terblanche Brown, team captain Simon Coady and Jake Launchbury – finished four seconds behind.

    The spokesman added: “Watch the footage from Lizelle’s helmet camera and get the feel of this exciting sport!”

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