Stallion rescued after ‘endangering lives’ near motorway

  • A stunning stallion has been rescued after he was found roaming “dangerously” close to a motorway.

    Bransby Horses was notified of the loose 14.2hh piebald cob by police, who had been made aware of his whereabouts by members of the public.

    He was wandering near the M180 and the A18 in Humberside, “endangering his own life as well as motorists’”.

    “He was more than accommodating when caught by the police and seemed to be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame that been generated from his travels,” said a Bransby spokesman.

    “Despite the best efforts of police, an owner could not be found so an officer named him Blue because of his blue eye.”

    Humberside Roads Police tweeted about discovering Blue and joked that he was a unicorn, as his forelock was standing up in the air when he was rescued.

    “The handsome stallion became very excited at the prospect of being chauffeur-driven rather than continuing his journey on foot and travelled back to Bransby Horses well,” said the Bransby spokesman.

    On arrival at the centre, Blue showed subtle signs of lameness but otherwise appeared to be well handled and in a good condition.

    But on further investigation, Blue was found to have an ulcerated sarcoid on one of his hind legs.

    The sarcoid has since been removed via laser surgery and Blue has been gelded. He is now recovering in the charity’s intensive care unit and is making good progress.

    Bransby’s intensive care facility

    “He’s still whinnying and putting his head over the stable door,” said Emma Carter, executive director of equine welfare at Bransby Horses.

    “He will need a lot of after-care but his prognosis is really good. He’s a really friendly chap and already a firm favourite here.

    “He has a bit of a following now, lots of people have engaged with him. It could have been such a different story with where he was found.”

    Once he has come out of intensive care and been wormed, vaccinated and given the all-clear for signs of contagious diseases like strangles, Blue will be introduced to the main area of the sanctuary.

    Bransby horses

    He will be given tailor-made care for his needs alongside the charity’s 426 rescue horses and donkeys.

    Blue is thought to be at least 16, although his age is hard to detect due to his well-worn teeth.

    “He has had so much going on so we need to give him some time to settle and recover from everything,” said Emma.

    “It won’t be until then that we would consider rehoming him as a companion. As he has a low-grade lameness from an old injury and because of his age we won’t be backing him or considering a ridden home.”

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    Emma added that the charity took in 85 horses last year alone.

    “This is one story but we help hundreds of horses in need,” she said. “Bransby Horses would not be able to rescue horses like Blue without support from the general public.”

    To find out about the charity’s work or support its adoption scheme, visit its website at http://bit.ly/2sdTOIi

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