Borrow a dog online

  • A new internet service will help put dog lovers who want to “borrow” a dog in touch with pet owners

    A new online service is being offered, which plans to put busy dog lovers who can’t own their own pet in touch with owners.

    The site, www.borrowadog.com, which is believed to be the first in the world, is the brainchild of London-based computer specialist Laura Stevens.

    “When I was made redundant I decided I didn’t want to get back into another hi-tech industry,” she said.

    “There was a seed in my mind about setting up this service because I’d owned two dogs of my own and was often desperate for help. Now, I haven’t got any dogs because of other commitments, and I miss their company.”

    She says the site, which was launched earlier this month, has already had lots of enquiries, but Laura says those applying must be committed to caring for the dogs in their charge. Those applying to borrow a dog will be asked to complete an in-depth questionnaire about themselves.

    “People need to be committed,” says Laura. “We want the borrowers to meet the dog before taking it on so they can build up a relationship before they have to look after it.”

    The cost per year varies from £20 (for borrowers) to £30 (owners).

    For more information visit www.borrawadog.com or contact Laura (tel: 020 8354 3967).

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