Block of 20 stables destroyed in Orpington blaze

  • A block of stables at a livery yard in Orpington, Kent, was razed to the ground in a fire on Monday night (8 August).

    A passing driver reported the blaze at Downe Court Stables at 10.58pm and Greenwich fire station responded as the local brigade was busy dealing with fires caused by the riots.

    Only one horse was singed, however all 20 stables and the feed and storage room including tack and rugs where destroyed.

    Joint yard owner Rebecca Gowing said: “We were lucky really as we only had six horses in that block as most were turned out.

    “Thankfully our neighbour, who loves horses, saw what was going on and released them, if he hadn’t then there is no way they could have survived.

    “He is an absolute hero as he also got four other horses in a nearby block out, including two mares with foals at foot.

    “Once we have sorted the insurance we will begin to re-build our livery yard.

    “I really want to start this as soon as possible as we have horses only able to come in for feed at the moment.”

    “At the moment we can’t tell if it was accident or arson, it is too burnt to tell either way.”

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