Bits recalled after safety concerns

  • Neue Schule bits is recalling two bits from its range due to safety concerns. The company is offering refunds for the Comfy Contact eggbut cheek and baucher cheek released between 1 September 2004 and 31 December 2005.

    “We’re not entirely sure there is a problem,” said a spokesperson for the company, “but we sought advice from the appropriate bodies and are following their instructions.”

    The recall follows two independent reports of the Comfy Contact bits breaking in the middle. “It is a safety issue,” the Neue Schule spokesperson confirmed. Customers who purchased either of the Comfy Contact bits during the specified dates are advised to stop using them immediately. Neue Schule is offering refunds or exchanges.

    The Neue Schule bit company markets itself as providing “bits designed by thinking riders for horse’s comfort and performance.” A redesigned bit will be available to buy in approximately eight weeks time.

    “We were redesigning the bits anyway,” said the spokesperson. “At the moment the barrel section in all these type of bits ceases to roll up and down the tongue when the rider takes up a contact. We are working on a design where the barrel will continue to roll at all times.”

    For more information on the recall or Neue Schule’s new bit email: rec@neueschulebits.com or (tel: 07865 022056).

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