Big Brother housemates saddle-up

Big Brother (BB) has set its housemates their sixth weekly task — to learn about different aspects of equestrianism.

On Day 38 (Sunday), the seven remaining housemates awoke to find a giant plastic horse in the living room and were given their new task entitled Gymkhana Rules.

The contestants were told they would have to complete the following tasks, within a time limit, on Wednesday:

  • As a group, tack up the horse, correctly positioning the bridle and saddle.
  • Individually, complete a show jumping course over a set of fences, while riding a dummy horse.

BB then supplied the house with all the riding equipment and tack needed to complete the task, including a dummy horse each.

Each contestant is expected to name their dummy horse and dress it with a full coat of fur, a mane and tail, eyes, reins and a saddle.

A course of show jumps will be set up in the house and garden today (Tuesday). Each housemate must learn how to negotiate the course while riding their ‘horse’ and wearing the correct attire.

In order to pass the test every contestant must complete a timed round of the show jumping course at a ‘canter’ on Wednesday. All the times will then be added together and if the groups’ time exceeds the time limit or anyone simply runs round the course they will fail the task.

Visit: www.channel4.com/bigbrother

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