BHS wants to know public’s view on hi-viz clothing

  • The British Horse Society (BHS) has launched a national survey to discover why more horse riders and carriage drivers do not wear hi-viz clothing.

    Since the launch of their dedicated safety website, www.horseaccidents.org.uk, in November they have received more than 100 reports of road accidents.

    They claim that wearing hi-viz clothing can allow a driver an extra three seconds of reaction time to help avoid a potentially fatal accident.

    Now that British Summer Time has begun, bringing more hours of daylight and potential hacking with it, the BHS wants to learn more about what hi-viz equipment people use.

    The questions also cover the reasons, ranging from comfort to style issues, why some people choose not to use this potentially life saving equipment.

    Sheila Hardy of the BHS said: “Wearing high-viz equipment will not only ensure that drivers on the road will see you up to three seconds sooner, and can therefore take avoidance; but it will also help you be found if you are lying injured following a fall.”

    The short survey, which can be completed online at www.bhs.org.uk, will run until the end of May 2011 and respondents have the chance to win BHS Gold membership free for a year, plus BHS gift vouchers.

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