Best British foal event

  • Brightwells, the auctioneers, is holding the first ever event to find the best British-bred sports horse foal.

    The £5,000 prize money is the richest ever offered for a sport horse foal.

    The event, to be held at Addington Manor EC, on Friday, 17 August will be followed by an auction of the top 20 foals put up for sale.

    The event is part of Brightwells’ summer gala and dressage horse auction of older horses.

    The foal prize and auction has attracted 80 entries to date. Each foal must have been born in this country and eligible to be registered with the World Breeding Federation of Sports Horses.

    Auctioneer Richard Botterill, says: ” This event is unique. It’s the first time in this country that we’ve ever been able to locate this number of top foals. The prize-money has helped, but the title of Best British foal is also a big attraction.

    “The event follows the success of the Equilibra Sale for dressage horses which we started five years ago. We are slowly starting to achieve a reputation for our horses at the top end of the market. “

    The foal classes, which will be judged by Bernd Richter of the Westphalian Verband and Klaus Bunger of the Hanoverian Verband, begin at 10am. The auction is expected to begin at around 7.30 pm.

    The gala evening, which features commentary from Carl Hester and John Bowen, is a ticket only event.

    For more information (tel: 01432 355300) or visit www.Brightwells.com

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