BAFTA winning documentary will ‘get under the skin’ of racehorses

  • Racehorses are next to come under the spotlight in the BAFTA award-winning Channel 4 series, Inside Nature’s Giants.

    The series — which promises to “get under the skin” of some of the “most impressive animals on the planet” — will be broadcast on 20 September at 8pm.

    Producer Anna Evans-Freke said viewers would see the team exploring how the thoroughbred, one of the “greatest athletes on the planet” has been “biologically engineered for speed”.

    The programme sees one presenter visit a leading European stud to find out how to produce a champion, while another investigates the science behind both racehorses’ speed — and their vulnerability to injury.

    This part of the programme sees the team dissect an elite racehorse — that has been put to sleep after suffering multiple fractures — in order to understand how the thoroughbred can travel at speeds of up to 45mph.

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