Full draw revealed for Badminton Horse Trials: Pippa Funnell to be pathfinder

Pippa Funnell will be the pathfinder at this year’s Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials (1-5 May 2019), riding MGH Grafton Street, Majas Hope or Billy Walk On.

The draw was broadcast on Facebook Live at 2pm today (15 April), with double Badminton winner Mary King and this year’s technical delegate Marcin Konarski pulling out the numbers and Rupert Bell compèring.

Tina Cook will be second out on course, with either Star Witness or Calvino II, while Emma Hyslop-Webb will make her Badminton debut as the third rider to start.

All horses were given a number, which run from one to 107, even though there will be a maximum of 85 starters.

Pippa Funnell, Tina Cook, Tim Price and Oliver Townend still have more than two horses entered, but each rider can only start on two mounts so will have to narrow down their selection. The draw has been done in such a way that they will definitely have one horse at the start and one at the end of the competition, as do all the other two-horse riders.

There are still 13 horses on the Badminton waiting list. These replace pairs who withdraw up until 2pm on the Sunday before the event.


1, 2 or 3 Pippa Funnell on MGH Grafton Street, Majas Hope or Billy Walk On
4 or 5 Tina Cook on Star Witness or Calvino II (waiting list)
6 Emma Hyslop-Webb on Waldo III
7, 8 or 9 Oliver Townend on Cooley Master Class, Ballaghmor Class or Cillnabradden Evo
10 Gemma Tattersall on Arctic Soul
11 Izzy Taylor on Call Me Maggie May
12 or 13 Tim Price on Bango or Xavier Faer
14 Tom Crisp on Coolys Luxury
15 William Fox-Pitt on Little Fire
16 Chris Burton on Graf Liberty
17 Camille Lejeune on Tahina Des Isles
18 Jim Newsam on Magennis
19 Nicky Roncoroni on Watts Burn
20 Nicola Wilson on Bulana
21 Emily King on Dargun
22 Simon Grieve on Drumbilla Metro
23 Ben Hobday on Harelaw Wizard
24 Merel Blom on Rumour Has It
25 Jonelle Price on Classic Moet
26 Hazel Towers on Simply Clover (waiting list)
27 Dag Albert on Mitras Eminem (waiting list)
28 Louise Romeike on Wieloch’s Utah Sun
29 Harry Meade on Away Cruising
30 Becky Woolven on Charlton Down Riverdance (waiting list)
31 Ciaran Glynn on November Night
32 Piggy French on Vanir Kamira
33 Jesse Campbell on Cleveland
34 Louise Milne Home on King Eider (waiting list)
35 Tom Jackson on Carpa Du Buisson Z
36 Richard Jones on Alfies Clover
37 Nicky Hill on MGH Bingo Boy
38 Millie Dumas on Artistiek
39 Malin Josefsson on Golden Midnight
40 Julia Norman on Carryon Bobby Boy
41 Clara Loiseau on Wont Wait
42 Tom McEwen on Toledo De Kerser
43 Michael Ryan on Dunlough Striker (waiting list)
44 Clare Abbott on Euro Prince
45 Hanna Berg on Quite Survivor
46 Kitty King on Vendredi Biats
47 Pietro Sandei on Rubis De Prere
48 Joseph Murphy on Sportsfield Othello
49 Selena O’Hanlon on Foxwood High
50 Caroline Powell on On The Brash
51 Willa Newton on Chance Remark
52 Katie Preston on Templar Justice
53 Padraig McCarthy on Mr Chunky
54 Matthew Heath on The Lion (waiting list)
55 Virginia Thompson on Star Nouveau
56 Will Furlong on Collien P 2
57 Alicia Hawker on Charles RR
58 Mark Todd on NZB Campino
59 Andrew Nicholson on Swallow Springs
60 Sarah Bullimore on Reve Du Rouet
61 Kirsty Short on Cossan Lad (waiting list)
62 Bill Levett on Lassban Diamond Lift
63 Jenny Caras on Fernhill Fortitude
64 David Britnell on Continuity
65 Alex Bragg on Zagreb
66 Kazuma Tomoto on Tacoma D’Horset
67 Georgie Spence on Halltown Harley
68 Arianna Schivo on Quefira De L’Ormeau
69 Laura Collett on Mr Bass
70 Emily Parker on Cryptonite
71 Caroline Clark on Touch Too Much
72 Sam Griffiths on Billy Liffy
73 Emily Philp on Camembert
74 Louise Harwood on Balladeer Miller Man
75 Imogen Murray on Ivar Gooden
76 Tamra Smith on Wembley
77 Alice Dunsdon on Cool Investment (waiting list)
78 Wills Oakden on Cooley Ramiro
79 Harry Mutch and HD Bronze
80 Ingrid Klimke on SAP Hale Bob OLD
81 Isabel English on Feldale Mouse
82 Sebastien Cavaillon on Sarah D’Argouges
83 James Sommerville on Talent
84 Kai Rüder on Colani Sunrise
85 Toshiyuki Tanaka and Kelecyn Pirate
86 Regis Prud’hon on Kaiser HDB 4175
87 Ellen Cameron on Hanleen Crown Jewels
88 Warren Lamperd on Silvia (waiting list)
89 Nicholas Lucey on Proud Courage
90 Michael Owen on Bradeley Law
91 Savannah Fulton on Captain Jack (waiting list)
92 Nana Dalton on Absolut Opposition (waiting list)
93 Tom Rowland on Possible Mission
94 or 95 Tim Price on Ringwood Sky Boy or Xavier Faer
96, 97 or 98 Oliver Townend on Ulises, Ballaghmor Class or Cillnabradden Evo
99 Gemma Tattersall on Pamero 4
100 Tom Crisp on Liberty And Glory
101 or 102 Tina Cook on Billy The Red or Calvino II (waiting list)
103 William Fox-Pitt on Oratorio
104 Izzy Taylor on Springpower
105 Pippa Funnell on Billy Beware, Majas Hope or Billy Walk On
106 Chris Burton on Cooley Lands
107 Emma Hyslop-Webb on Pennlands Douglas (waiting list)

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