Capture your horse in time with lifelike sculpture

  • Those looking to preserve their horse in time can now create a life-like model of their equine companion.

    London-based Arty Lobster creates miniature sculptures from around 10 photographs of your horse, dog or other pet, which can be uploaded onto the company’s website.

    The replicas are then created using 3D printers that can capture even small details of your animal, including subtle variations in fur colour.

    arty lobster“As our pets are members of the family and we increasingly want a memento of them to cherish forever,” said Lars Andersen of Arty Lobster.

    “Demand for a wide choice of quality products, including bespoke pet memorials and mementos, has never been higher.”

    Detailed designs

    Mary pic for Arty LobsterArty Lobster created a model for H&H news writer Rachael Hook of her horse, Mary.

    “I was so impressed with how much detail they were able to pick up from just a handful of photographs,” said Rachael.

    “Mary has quite distinctive markings and they were pretty much spot on. It’s wonderful to have such a realistic keepsake of her.”

    The models are made from painted sandstone or bronze and prices start at £140.

    For more information visit: www.artylobster.com

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