Art for animal lovers

  • Canine and equestrian art is on display at galleries across the capital

    The unique relationship between man and his dog is being celebrated by an art exhibition, For the Love of Dog, atthe Pump House Gallery in south London. The show, which is running from 19 October to 9 December, has 10 artists’ work on show.

    According to the show’s curator, Susie Gray, the exhibition aims to “demonstrate the ridiculous, tragic and sometimes hopeless nature of our capability for expressing our devotion”.

    One exhibit is a video, Daisy Barking by Finnish artist, Helena Oest, which “identifies the extensive amount of time spent by pets, waiting for us to come home, take them out or finish the shopping and their infinite patience – or lack of it”.

    The show also includes photographic portraits by Carole Baker showing stray dogs “standing proud in the face of adversity”.

    For more information (tel: 020 7350 0523) or visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/gallery

  • Award-winning equestrian artist David Howell, is currently showing his latest work at the Frank T Sabin Gallery, 46 Albemarle Street, London. This is his first major show in London for three years.

    David won the Horse & Hound prize for the best racing picture at the Society of Equestrian Artists’ annual exhibition last year with “Ludlow – The Right Hander”, which can be seen at the exhibition.

    The exhibition of oils, watercolours and pastels depicting hunting, racing and country scenes continues until 23 October and is open every day except Sunday. For further details (tel: 020 7493 3288).

    Click here for other exhibitions of equestrian art during October 2001.

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