Are you insured for your winter equestrian activities?

  • Petplan Equine is warning all riders to ensure that they are properly insured for their winter activities.

    With the winter months playing host to a range of high-risk activities, like hunting, point-to-pointing and team chasing, UK insurance provider Petplan Equine is reminding riders to check that these activities are covered under their current insurance policy.

    Petplan Equine offers seven different levels of cover that relate to the levels of activity riders undertake with their horses. Many other providers offer at least two.

    These ensure that a leisure rider can pay for a lower level of cover than a seasoned eventer.

    “But if activities change it is important that horse owners check with their insurance company that they have the right level of cover and that vet fees and personal accidents are included,” says Petplan Equine.

    Once an insurance policy has been taken out it is possible to upgrade it if the level of activity changes.

    Having the right level of cover is very important and will ensure you won’t take financial knocks if you or your horse is involved in an accident.

    If you have questions about the level of your Petplan cover contact Petplan Equine on 0800 783 7777 or visit www.petplanequine.co.uk

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