Ardall Safety Rider launches new model

  • A new model of an equestrian product designed to prevent serious rider injury when breaking and training horses has been launched.

    The Ardall SR2 is an improved version of the original Ardall Safety Rider – a mannequin used to imitate a rider on the horse’s back.

    The new model has the added feature of a foldable torso that offers the option of being used folded at half height, or erect at full height.

    “This is fantastic for particularly nervous horses as the Ardall SR2 can be introduced at the lower, folded height and once the horse is comfortable and confident, it can be unfolded to sit erect at full height and so give the horse the proper feeling of having a rider on its back,” said a spokeman for Ardall.

    The Ardall was designed by experienced horseman Paul Murphy and was first launched last year at Dublin Horse Show.

    “Starting young horses can be an extremely dangerous occupation and I’ve lost track of the number of times I have hit the dirt over the years!” said Paul.

    “We improvised with homemade contraptions tied to the saddle to try to accustom the horse to something being on its back, but we got to a stage when we decided that there had to be an easier, better and safer way! The result was the Ardall.”

    The Ardall SR2 costs €558 ( £449) with the 10% introductory offer and the Ardall is €490 ( £394).

    For more information visit www.ardall.com

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