Appeal for stolen spotted foal

  • The owner of a mare and spotted foal snatched from Dartmoor has offered a reward for their safe return

    The owner of a broodmare and her unusual spotted colt stolen from Dunnabridge Common on Dartmoor is appealing for information on their disappearance and has offered a reward for their safe return.

    Mary Alford, from Moortown Farm in Tavistock, is devastated after the pair disappeared from the common during Wednesday 25 September.

    The mare, a five-year-old, 46ins chestnut part-bred Shetland and her colt, a five month-old, 26ins black spotted appaloosa, were grazing along with Mary’s other ponies at the time of their disappearance.

    I was really proud of the foal, Sporting Sam,” says Mary. “Dartmoor ponies have suffered a bad press in recent years and this colt proved what we are capable of producing.”

    The herd were enclosed on the common by cattle grids and gates, none of the other ponies are missing and an extensive search on the surrounding area has not thrown up any leads.

    Mary believes that the colt’s unusual and distinctive markings are the motive behind the theft. “So many people wanted him,” she says. “He looks like porcelain. The thieves have obviously taken his mother, because she has shown what she can produce.

    “I have been breeding ponies all my life and he was very special. He had been promised to a showing home and I was really looking forward to seeing him develop and compete.”

    The mare has a flaxen mane and tail and an R brand on her nearside shoulder. The colt has a black mane and tail and black hooves at the tip fadingto white at the coronet.

    “I am offering a reward for their safe return,” says Mary “I just want whoever has taken them to put them back on the common.”

    Anyone with any information should contact Mary (tel: 01822 614491) or UK Horsewatch (tel: 07941 970879) or click here to visit their website.

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