Appeal for retired veterans

  • Two elderly equines are looking for a home where they can spend the rest of their lives together.

    The “old ladies” – Bessie (28) and Mari ( 30) – are looking for a home together to free up valuable space for others in need of a safe haven at the Equine Market Watch sanctuary in Herefordshire. Although both healthy, they have been retired and are not able to be ridden.

    Elaine Taskers, who runs the recently opened sanctuary, which is waiting to be granted charity status, said: “Ideally we are looking for a home where Bessie and Mari can live out their lives together for the rest of their days. They love each other very much and have formed a great friendship.

    “They would like a stable or barn big enough to share if the weather turns bad, although both much prefer the outdoor life, some nice clean grazing and plenty soft hay fed from the ground as their old ‘pipes’ can get wheezy!

    “The farrier will be needed for light trims a few times a year and the ‘girls’ will have to be wormed. Both are easy to do and sweet-natured, although Bess pretends to be a bit of a dragon until you grumble at her!

    “The ideal person would be someone who has perhaps given up riding, but would still love to have a couple of oldies to pamper and care for.”

    If you think you might be able to give Bessie and Mari a home for life, contact Elaine at Equine Market Watch (tel: 01885 410570). Some special conditions apply which will be explained on enquiry.

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