App aims to aid confidence in the saddle

  • A new horse confidence app has been launched by equestrian performance coach Faye Low in response to “riders feeling isolated when out hacking.”

    The app, based on three years of research spent watching professionals and grassroots riders was launched last month (14 February).

    It gives riders a free neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) recording called “let’s get confident’ and access to Faye via the ask question button.

    The most common questions she gets asked are how to get a horse to hack out alone and what can be done to prevent spooking.

    “Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all interconnected, so if someone thinks their horse is going to spook he probably will. Horses are so sensitive and will seize on any rider’s tension, however slight that maybe,” she told H&H.

    The aim of the app is “to change a rider’s thought patterns to give them a more positive riding experience.”

    “Riders are thinking too much and are not feeling what the body is doing and how that impacts the horse. The key to confidence is to balance your thinking and feeling,” added Ms Low, who has a UKCC Level 2 coach qualification.

    Her website www.horseconfience4u.co.uk was set up three years ago and later this month she is launching “horse confidence virtual coach.” The virtual lesson can be downloaded onto a phone and listened to while out riding.

    Low will be explaining her theories of how a rider’s thoughts and feelings can impact on a horse at talks across the country this year and she is running two residential camps. These are at Forest Edge Arena on 24 May and Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre on 7 October.

    The horse confidence app costs £2.50 and is available from Google Player and the App store.

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