Alliance calls for restraint over fuel crisis

  • In response to the Home Secretary’s contingency plans against further fuel protests, the Countryside Alliance has called for both the government and protest groups to show responsibility and restraint.

    Richard Burge, the Alliance’s chief executive has urged the People’s Fuel Lobby to remain within the law and avoid an unnecessary inconvenience to the public.

    “We urge the People’s Fuel Lobby to observe this principle if they wish to maintain the high level of public support they have hitherto enjoyed”.

    Burge stressed that a simple across-the board price reduction on fuel would not be the best solution for the countryside.

    He suggested a three-point plan

  • extending red diesel concessions to include farmers and rural taxiservices.

  • reforming tax/benefits and regulations for rural taxi’s run by private owners.

  • additional vehicle tax deductions for new fuel-efficient vehicles in designated rural areas.
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