Alarm bells for veteran Shire

  • Goliath, “the tallest horse in the world”, who measures more than 19hh,weighs over a tonne and suffers from arthritis, has been fitted with a special alarm in case he falls and injures himself.

    The 24-year-old giant, who spent many years aspart of a brewery team pulling a show dray, has been fitted with an alarm to alert staff at Northcote Heavy Horse Centre, Great Steeping, Lincolnshire, when he is about to go down.

    The special sensor and aerial, which have been sown into his stable rug, works along the same lines as that of alarms used by security guards; sounding only when they are being attacked.

    Once Goliath is down it is up to staff at the centre to get him back on his feet.”‘Golly’ has a big barn to roam free in. He shares it with his friend Solo and four other Shetland ponies”, says Terena, a volunteer at the centre “We have an old Fordson Major tractor which has a special crane with two straps to help get Goliath back on his feet.”The front of the tractor hasbeen specially modified with half a tonne of concrete to counterbalance Goliath’s weight.

    “Golly doesn’t panic as other horses would”, says Terena, “He just waits for our help.”The gentle giant has been at the centre, where he is set to live out the rest of his days, since 1992.

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