Absorbine launch Hooflex Natural Spray

  • A new hoofcare product has been launched by Absorbine.

    The Hooflex Natural Spray contains six active natural and herbal ingredients including tea tree oil, arnica, comfrey and avocado oil.

    These help promote strong, healthy hoof growth when barefoot or shod, and maintain the hoof’s moisture balance. It aims to enhance natural hoof colour without chemicals or dyes and deep condition for natural shine.

    “This is an innovative way to apply hoof dressing,” said a spokesman for the company. “It sprays from any angle, even upside down. And the quiet, non-aerosol spray eliminates messy brushes while keeping the product free of dirt and debris.”

    A 48ml bottle costs £11.99.

    For more information visit: www.absorbine.co.uk.

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