Pony abandoned in children’s playground

  • A Shetland pony that was abandoned and tied to a roundabout in a children’s playground has been rescued by a horse charity.

    The chestnut stallion — since named Mr Nibbles — was found in the play park in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, last Wednesday (23 July).

    He had been tethered to a roundabout with no access to shade or water.

    Local charity Bransby Horses was contacted by the council, who took in the pony. They are now seeking Mr Nibbles’ owner.

    Usually an abandonment notice is served for 14 days to allow an owner to come forward, but due to the situation Mr Nibbles was left in this was reduced to just a few hours.

    Sadly, no owner came forward to claim responsibility for him and so Mr Nibbles is currently in our care,” said a spokesman for Bransby Horses.

    “Mr Nibbles has a very cheeky and inquisitive nature and although can nip, he is not aggressive.”

    Anyone with information should contact: 01427 787369.

    Mr Nibbles is being cared for by Bransby Horses

    Mr Nibbles is being cared for by Bransby Horses

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