Abandoned foal on road to recovery

  • A young abandoned foal is recovering after she was found collapsed and dehydrated outside a house in Wales.

    RSPCA inspector Holly Brown was called to Clyne in Swansea after a member of the public found the foal outside her home on 9 July.

    The filly was believed to be only around a week old and her mother was nowhere to be seen.

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    Inspector Brown said: “The foal had diarrhoea, was very small and there was no sign of her mother.”

    She added the filly was “alert, but quite flat” so she syringed some water into her mouth.

    “She soon picked up and was wandering around the garden,” said inspector Brown.

    Attempts were made to try and find the foal’s mother in the nearby area, but there was no sign of her.

    Despite being away from her mother, the foal is now doing well.

    A veterinary examination found her to be a bit dehydrated, but otherwise healthy.

    An experienced owner is now caring for the young filly.

    “This was such a kind thing for this person to offer. They have cared for foals before,” added inspector Brown.

    “She is doing very well and they have kept in touch to update me on her progress.”

    “She is so beautiful. The people who are looking after her are really fantastic.”

    Collapsed foal now 2The charity is appealing for anyone who might recognise the foal to get in touch so they can contact the owner. If you think you can help, call 0300 1234 999.

    RSPCA Cymru is the Welsh branch of the national charity.

    In 2014, it provided welfare treatment to 11,682 animals and rehomed 1,251.

    Within the same year, the RSPCA Cymru responded to 2,166 equine complaints relating to 10,780 horses, ponies and donkeys.

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